The Salesforce Lightning Experience is a modern interface with new features and redesigned pages for streamlining the sales process in order to help you grow your business. It combines Lightning Designing System (LDS), Lightning app builder and Lightning Components to create modern enterprise applications.

1. A Modern, Smart, and Intelligent User Experience
Salesforce Lightning is easy-to-use and optimized user interface enable you to work more efficiently and create a robust relation between you and your clients. It helps a sales representative sell smarter and faster and providing customers more productivity.

1.	A Modern, Smart, and Intelligent User Experience

2. Update Opportunities using the Kanban View
The Opportunity Kanban is a visual summary of all the opportunities for a particular sales path. The Kanban View makes this much easier in Lightning because salespeople can drag and drop Opportunities between Stages.
In addition, there’s a warning flag (Orange colour) to highlight opportunities that have no open activities. And the drop-down arrow makes it easy to edit Opportunities directly from the Kanban view.

2.	Update Opportunities using the Kanban View

3. Improved Functionality & Productivity
And the Lightning experience offers numerous productivity features that can speed the work of any user. Utility bar components, global actions, favourite list, Kanban. All of these features result in saved lots of time for your employees, allowing them to get more done with less.

3.	Improved Functionality & Productivity

4. Enhanced Reports and Dashboards
Lightning report and dashboards provide many features that Classic ones don’t.
Enhanced dashboard filters, custom colouring, enhanced tables, display more than 3 columns, Formatted Exports, Interactive chart filtering, Subfolders, etc..

4.	Enhanced Reports and Dashboards

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