Salesforce process builder is great tool to automate the business processes. It is new work flow tool. Say Goodbye to Workflow and Hello to Process Builder. Click not code. It can do a number of things, such as; Create a record, updates a record, Post to Chatter, Send an Email, Quick Actions, Send Push out Notification, Send Survey invitation, Launch a flow, Apex, Submit for Approval, etc.

This Process Builder series /  tutorials will help you understand more in detail. Check out this series and try to create a process builder in your org and see how to get important information quickly and easily.

 1- Learn Salesforce Process Builder Fast: Create Your First Process

2- Process Builder – Completed Task Notification Via Email Alert

3- Process Builder – Key Customer Case Notification

4 – Process Builder Showcase: Launch Renewal Opportunities in Salesforce

5 – Process Builder – How to Set up Push Notifications for Salesforce Opportunities

6 – Process Builder – New User Onboarding Welcome Email

7-  Process Builder -Update Parent record from Child record

8- Process Builder – Assign a Pricebook based on Opportunity Record Type

9- Process Builder – High Priority Case – Notify relevant people

10 – Process Builder – Re-engage for Unresponsive Leads



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