Countdown has begun!

I am sure you must have heard Process builder and Workflow rules will be retired, So say hello to FLOW. Salesforce has already updated some help documents and Trailhead content, which automation tool should I use?

Check out “Choose the Right Automation Tool” on Trailhead and you’ll see this table:

Choose the Right Automation Tool 

How can you migrate your existing workflow rules and processes to flows?

Patrick Stokes (Product Manager at Salesforce) has explained, there will be a roadmap for the retirement plan of Workflow rules and Process builder.

Spring ‘22 release: Will introduce migration tool for Workflow Rules
Summer ‘22 release: Will introduce migration tool for Process Builder
Winter ‘23 release: Will make it official retirement and you will no longer be able to create new Process Builders or Workflow Rules

So, now you have to start your new journey with Flow. See below some helpful resources.

Build Flows with Flow Builder
Salesforce Lightning Flow Introduction

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