Salesforce Process Builder helps you to automate various complex business processes. It can do a number of things, such as; Create a record, updates a record, Post to Chatter, Send an Email, Quick Actions, Send Push out Notification, Send Survey invitation, Submit for Approval, etc.

In this article, I am going to explain how to send email alert when new employee onboarding via Process builder. Let’s start with my business use case


Setting the Scene

I am working as System administrator in Miraforce. My next task is to create a process builder to send out an email to the New employee join the company and he get access of Salesforce.

What we will do to achieve this, is create an ‘Email Template and Email alert’ that we can use it in process builder. Then I will create the Process Builder that will power the automation.


Step 1: Create Email Alert and Email Template

Create Email Templates

  • Go to the Setup
  • Find Classic Email Templates
  • Click on New Template button
  • Choose the type of template you want to create. In this case, I select Custom (without using classic Letterhead).
  • Click Next -> Next -> Save


Follow the screenshots below.


New Email Template


Email Template Information


New HTML Email Template


Here I am sending below email template with New user onboarding details. So, I choose filed type User fields | Fill all the require Email Template Information and put merge field according your requirements (What would you like to include in email template) when New employee received an email notification

Email Template Info

  • Click Attach File -> Choose File -> Click Attach File -> Click Done

Follow the screenshots below

Email Attachments


Create an Email alert on the User object.


  • Go to Setup
  • Find Email Alert from quick find box
  • Click on it
  • Click on the New Email Alert button and enter the details (Descriptions | Unique Name)
  • Find Email Template (that you have created before) | Recipient Type | Search Email Field | find Email Field: Email
  • Move it to the Selected Recipients as shown in the below screenshots


Email Alert


Email Alert Info



STEP 2 – Create the Process Builder

  • Go to the Setup
  • Find Process Builder from quick find box
  • Click New button
  • Enter Name, API Name and then click on the Save button.
  • The Process starts when, A record changes.
  • Click on the Save buttonFollow the screenshot below

Process Builder

New Process Builder


Welcome email via Process Builder


The next step is to add entry criteria.


  • Click on Add Object
  • Select User object
  • Select when a record is created 
  • Click on the Save buttonAs shown in the below screenshot,


Choose Object


The next step is to add Process Criteria

  • Click on Add Criteria
  • Enter Criteria Name Criteria for Executing Actions, Conditions are met and set filter conditions
  • In this case, I set [User].IsActive Equals Type Boolean Value True
  • Click on the Save button

As shown in the following screenshot

Add Criteria


The next step is to add an Immediate action to Process.


  • Click on Add Action (Under Immediate actions)
  • Select the type of action to create (In our case, select Email Alert),
  • Fill out the fields Action Type | Action Name | Email Alert
  • Click Save button

As shown in the below screenshots

Add Action

Choose Email Alert


  • Final step is Click Activate

Test the Result / Outcome Click Activate

Test The Result / Outcome

The final step is to check this functionally out. Let’s create a new user and check your inbox. Did the process builder fire or not?


Test the Result / Outcome


Try to create a process builder in your org and check how process builder works quickly and easily.

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