Complex Project Management


• Our project managers working on a project and internal sales, sell only products and make quote, it is not related project
• Project Management – We bid one opportunity to for multiple contractors
• Pipeline incorrect, because some opportunities with a project and some without a project. What we wanted to see in the pipeline, opportunities with project and without project. With project, we want to see in pipeline highest amount or win amount.
• Remove duplicates


• I have found free PM tool (Milestones PM+) to create a project and under we can create multiple opportunities under one project
• When we create opportunities with the project, in pipeline we can see highest amount or win amount opportunities of particular project.
• Regular Monitoring
• Critical issues discussed and solution
• Meeting with the team on completion of each major milestone
• Track the progress against the plan

Outcome / Result

• Project related issues, tasks, support tickets, etc. Everything is in one place.
• Report is correct / proper
• No duplicates opportunities