Utility bar is a powerful lightning component that users access fast and quick information. It appears as a footer and users can open as a docked panel.


1. Go to the Set up -> App Manger -> New Lightning App

App Details and Branding

2. Click next -> Now you have to select, where would you like to see, Standard or Console, Desktop and Phone or both.

Navigation and Form Factors

After selecting Navigation style and supported form factors, now we can add Utility bar.

Here’s a some of the standard Components available. Also, AppExchange has lots of great free components available.

Utility Bar to Salesforce Lightning Apps

Once you add all the necessary components, you can save and assign Lightning app to the various profiles.


Done. Very easy to set up. A Utility bar appears at the bottom of your screen / page. You can also add a Utility bar in already created Lightning app as well.

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