A theme is a set of colors and images that represents your org’s brand. You can create your own theme or choose from a set of built-in themes provided by Salesforce.

Steps to follow to create your own brand?

1. From Setup, enter Themes and Branding in the Quick Find box, then select Themes and Branding.
2. Click New Theme
3. Put necessary details :

  1. Theme Name, API name populate automatically
  2. Brand Image (You can use your company logo)
  3. Brand Colour (Choose a brand colour to display on your navigation bar and other important area
  4. Check the Use brand image in Lightning Experience loading page (Display your brand image)
  5. Put Page Background Colour Choose Global Header Background
  6.  Check Link colour / band colour
  7.  Put the images for Page background (1800 x 360 Pixels), Default Chatter Group banner (1800 x 360 Pixels), Default Group Avatar (200 x 200 Pixels) Default people / user profile banner (1800 x 360 Pixels) and Default User Profile Avatar (200 x 200 Pixels)

  1. Click Save
  2. Click Activate (Right Top Side)


• Only one theme can be active at a time, and a theme applies to your entire org.
• By default, orgs use the built-in Lightning Blue theme.
• You can create up to 300 custom themes, but you can’t modify or clone the built-in themes provided by Salesforce.
• Chatter External users see the built-in Lightning Blue theme only.
• Even if you haven’t selected the option to override themes in the App Manager, your app’s brand image and color always override the Lightning Lite and Lightning Blue themes.

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