Give your users everything they need to manage their day from the Home page in Lightning Experience. Sales rep can see their quarterly performance, important updates, recent items, recent record, task, latest post, etc. But when we talk about support team, they are interested to see their case status, when they open the home page, they want to see which cases are in high priority, which cases are still open since long time.

Currently, Salesforce has put by default Quarterly Performance chart. It’s great slick way to provide users with relevant data as soon as they log in, but if you are any other user than a Sales user, it’s not useful.

You can easily customize the home page with a different user, when they log in Salesforce, they can see relevant information. So here, I am going to implement home page for the Support Team.


Step 1 – Create a Report and Chart

The first step is you will need to create a report that you wish to use for the support team Lightning home page. Here , I have created Cases by priority. When you create a report, ensure you have to correct grouping and make chart properly. You will also need to save this report in a public folder, so all the users can access the report. See below, I have created report Case report and grouping by priority.

Create a Report and Chart

Step 2 – Create a New Lightning Home Page

Go to the Set up -> Lightning App builder -> New -> Home Page, give your new Lightning home page name. You can make it from scratch or clone Salesforce default page. See the screenshot below.

Create a new Lightning home page

Once you click finish, Lightning home page is ready and now drag and drop necessary components on the home page. Here, you can put any Standard, Custom or Managed components that you can see on the left-hand pane. Here I am going to replace Quarterly performance chart to Cases by priority report chart (We have created in Step 1).

Find Report Char Component -> Drag and drop in the middle pan -> Right side pan, you have to find your report, that you have created in Step 1 -> Put necessary information -> Click Save.

Create a new Salesforce Lightning home page

Step 3 – Activate New Lightning Home Page

Now activate! Once you are happy with page, go ahead and click Save/Activate at the top right side of the page. After that, you have to choose the option to apply this page layout to all apps, profile or selected profiles to display. Once you assign page layout to users, when they log in, they can their relevant data. See the screenshot below.

Activate Salesforce Lightning Home Page

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