Salesforce List view is very useful to see particular segments of data instead to build a report. This list view is making our tasks lot easier even better. List view share with the group, user or only you can see it. You can create a List views for objects, like leads, contacts, accounts and custom objects. List view uses one or multiple fields with some conditions and you can see data what you need. Create a list view from scratch or you can clone list view.


Let’s take Opportunity example. Here I create an Opportunity Closed Won this month list view.

1. Go to the Opportunity tab. You can see some list view already created, like Recently List view, All opportunities, etc.
2. Click the Gear Icon (Right top Side) and click New

Create a New List View in Salesforce Lightning

3. Put List name. I put Closed won This Month, so it is easy to find.
4. Choose who sees this list view. (You want to share with Group, all users or only you want to see)

List View Name Salesforce Lightning

5. Click Save

List view is ready, set the conditions, according to requirements. Condition is All Opportunities -> Stage equals Closed Won -> Close Date equals This Month.
Here, I have put AND condition. Finds records that match both values. 1 AND 2

List View Conditions

6. Click Save


You can see below screenshot; stage is Closed won and Close date is this month

List view is Ready

All done. List view is ready. Try to create a list view in your org according your requirements.

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