Quickly access important records, lists, reports, dashboards, pages, and other frequently used pages in Salesforce. Customize an app’s navigation bar so that the user interface suits the unique way you work. You can add and reorder items, and rename or remove items you’ve added.

How to Add Your Pages in Lightning Favourites

1. Click on the star in the header menu to edit your current page

Salesforce Lightning Favourites

2.You can manage your pages from here
3. Your pages marked Favorite are shown via dropdown list

Salesforce Lightning Marked Favourites

4. When you are on your Lightning Favorites page this star is displayed as highlighted.

Favourite Page highlighted

5. If you want to remove some page from your list, you just have to unselect that star icon
6. Your favourites get saved there. Just as you can search your page, you can manage all from the list of favorites–search, delete them, and view them.

Edit Salesforce Lightning Favourite

7. The top navigation bar also provides you with your list of favourites. The drop down arrow beside the name of object shows you a list of recently created records, recent lists, along with your favourites marked for that particular object.

Salesforce Lightning Navigation Bar Favourite

Limitations of Lightning Favorites

You can have up to 200 favorites, which support these types of content.
o Record home for standard and custom objects (including Visualforce overrides of these record views)
o Lists
o Dashboards
o Reports
o Report and dashboard folders
o Chatter groups

Limitation For Favorite feature

• You can’t favorite things in setup pages, but you can still access your favorites from these areas.
• You can add favorites only for specific versions of Knowledge articles. If a newer version is published, the favorite doesn’t update.
• To be available as a favorite in the Salesforce mobile app, an object must have a tab that you can access in the app. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to view the object and its records on the full Salesforce site.
• Individuals manage their own favorites. Salesforce admins can’t edit or share favorites. Only individual users can manage favorites. They can’t be shared or edited by Salesforce admins.


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