App Launcher is great tool of Salesforce Lightning Experience. The App Launcher is how users switch between apps. It displays tiles that link to a user’s available Salesforce, connected (third-party), and on-premises apps. Admin can determine which apps are available to which users and the order in which the apps appear.

Use the App Launcher to navigate between your apps. You can easily switch between apps and access other Salesforce items and features. Access to that app as specified in your user profile or permission sets.

How to open App Launcher

To open the App Launcher, on the left side of the navigation bar -> Click App Launcher icon. As per the screenshot below.

App Launcher displays all your available Salesforce apps and items including third party.

How to open App Launcher 

Quick view of the App Launcher

A quick view of App Launcher displays a search bar and first 7 items listed in the App Launcher. As As per the screenshot below.

Quick view of the App Launcher

Search apps and items

You can look apps or items by name / keyword, you need to use the search apps and item box. Start typing the name of the app, such as Sales. You can see up to 7 apps or items results containing the string appear as you type. If there are more results, you can see bellow screenshot View More link. If it is less result, then you can View All link. Once you click, open full App Launcher with highlighted string with result.

Search apps and items

Search apps and items View All


When you click View All, you can see all the apps and items including third party. As per the screenshot below.

Full App Launcher

Now, you want to look for specific apps or items, use the Search apps and items box, it is top of the page of the App Launcher. Ex. Type S, you can see in below screenshot, and all apps and items containing the string appear and are highlighted as you type.

Search apps or items in App Launcher

Last thing is, drag and drop apps according your requirements.

(1) Hover over a truncated description

(2) to see the full description of the app

Drag and Drop App Launcher items or apps

Very easy to find any apps or items from App Launcher. Play with it and set up your App Launcher apps according your way.

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