When you start customizing your Record Page in Lightning Experience you have the possibility to use a standard component called Path which guides your users along the steps in a process, such as working an opportunity from a fresh lead to a successfully closed deal.

Path is available for the following Standard and custom objects in Lightning Experience

• Accounts (Business Accounts and Person Accounts)
• Campaigns
• Cases
• Contacts
• Contracts
• Leads
• Opportunities
• Orders
• Quotes
• Service Appointments
• Work Orders
• Work Order Line Items
• Custom Objects

How to Enable Path

1. In Setup go to User Interface / Path Settings
2. If Path is not enabled, Enable it

How to Enable Path

How to Create Path

1. Click the “New Path” button and enter basic information
2. The Path name and API name -> choose Object (that the path is based on) -> Record Type -> Picklist that the path is based on

How to Create Path

How to Create Path and
3. click in next (Bottom Right Side)
4. you will set for each stages the fields (up to 5) displayed and the text guidance for Success (limited to 1000 characters)

Select field and provide guideance for each step in th epath
5. Last creation step, you can activate an animation to celebrate when a stage is reached

Salesforce Path creation step

Salesforce Path creation step 1
6. You can also activate the Path from here.
7. Your Path is now created and activated.
8. The last thing to do is to add the Path component to the Record lightning page (if it is not already present).
9. You can now enjoy your work by visualizing it on a record.

Salesforce Path Celebration


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