Salesforce is fantastic. Salesforce has launched the AppExchange in 2006. AppExchange is #1 cloud marketplace. It is ready to install lots of free and paid apps available on AppExchange. It’s created by you, Salesforce developer or salesforce partner. You can save lots of money and resources with a free app. It has completely end to end solutions. Also, you can find by rating, popular app, solutions by type, prices (Free or Paid), Editions, Language, Cloud and Features, etc.

Anyone can browse the app and install in the sandbox for a test drive and apply into the production. User must have “Upload AppExchange packages” permissions.

My Favourite Free Apps

I am Salesforce admin. I have found some free apps according our business requirements. My favourite free app helps me a lot every day to manage our business. It’s fully Lightning ready.

Milestones PM+ Free Edition – Customizable Project Management

This project management tool is highly customizable for Salesforce mobile and desktop. It’s 100% Salesforce native, easy implementation and you can give access to unlimited users per org


  • Create a project
  • Assign to users
  • Track Project progress
  • Status of the programs, Milestones, Tasks,
  • Gantt charts and Project calendar
  • Automatic data shift cascading
  • Inbuilt Report and Dashboard
  • Create a project template according your requirements.
  • Import and Export template functionally
  • Project Summary

Price: Free and Paid

Salesforce Edition:

Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance, Essentials

Milestones PM+ Free Edition - Customizable Project Management

iBS – Mass Emails

iBS Mass email is used to send mass email to Standard and custom objects NOW and FUTURE. It’s very easy to use and use friendly. It’s Lightning ready.


  • Send mass through Standard and Custom object
  • Different filter option
  • Use different types of Email template
  • Create activities
  • Ready activities report

Price: Free

Salesforce Edition:
Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer

iBS - Mass Emails

Rocket Editor – Mass Data Delete, Edit, Create, Clone, Import and Export

Sales people are busy every day, it’s difficult to mange every day’s activity in Salesforce, such as update contact details, opportunity information, account information, Projects, etc. Rocket Editor is a free app and Lightning ready. Lots of nice features that help a lot for Salespeople and Salesforce admin.

  • Anyone can mass edit
  • Mass deletes records in Standard and Custom objects
  • Very easy to delete single or multiple rows
  • Data Import and export via CSV file
  • Data export via PDF
  • Auto filling of the column with ‘Set for all in Column’ Button
  • Data export via PDF
  • Graphical data display via Column, Line, or Pie Charts
  • Remove duplicates and save the pdf.

Price: Free

Salesforce Edition:

Professional, Enterprise, Performance

Rocket Editor - Mass Data Delete, Edit, Create, Clone, Import and Export


Note: I will suggest you implement this first on your sandbox for test drive, and then move it to Production.

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