The most useful and necessary topics for all the all levels of business users. Salesforce offers a powerful tool for reporting tool that work together to help you business understand. Who is doing what, what is today’s pipeline, which sales person sales most, etc. Also, Salesforce provides a great Report and Dashboard features to make more impressive. If you are an administrator, then this article is very useful for you. In this article, I am explaining my best tips, that I have done in my org.

Tip – 1         Build Reports Using Columns and Rows

Users can now select which rows and columns to display in the report. There is an option to swap rows and columns to view. Take for instance you are building a report. Cases by Priority, priority as your rows and Account name as your columns. So, you can see in this report, which accounts have high, low or medium priority.

Build Reports Using Columns and Rows

Tip – 2         Light vs. Dark Mode for Lightning Dashboards

This is my most favourite feature of dashboard. You can see differentiate components in a Lightning Dashboard, users can switch between light or dark mode of each components.

Light vs. Dark Mode for Lightning Dashboards

Tip – 3         Filter a Dashboard

This is also great feature dashboard filer. If you have big team and they all are working in different country, industry or region. You don’t need to create a separate dashboard for all the users or team. Give each group a filter that make sense for them.

You are building a Global Dashboard which all levels of managers in different roles can access. A CEO that is managing teams from different region can simply make use of dashboard filters to switch views between region teams to see compare how they are doing. And, data sharing in the role hierarchy is respected. Ex. A Global Sales Manager with role hierarchy access data for the region they are responsible for will only be viewing only data related to his/her team.

Filter a Dashboard


This article has 3 great report and dashboard tips. Try to implement in your org and make it easier and more impressive for your users.

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