Spring ‘20 is live now! We know each release bring lots of new features and functionally. In Spring ’20 there are four new features in Lighitning App to help Admins and Business Users be productive.

1. In-App Guidance for Lightning App Builder

Admins now have more flexibility, productive and real time in-app guidance for Lightning App Builder to help them make better decisions when customizing and deploying Salesforce.

1.	In-App Guidance for Lightning App Builder

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2. In-App Guidance Enhancements

Admins now have more flexibility over who sees prompts with the addition of Profiles in Prompt authoring. Admins can also fully translate prompts, author a video in docked prompts, and have full control of prompt delays. There are also enhancements to the Setup page including search and updated UI for floating prompts

2.	In-App Guidance Enhancements

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3. App Launcher Enhancements

Users now find and open items quicker when switching apps. App Launcher has a new app switcher view to enable users to quickly select their favourite apps or let them search and view all apps and items in the full App Launcher view.

3.	App Launcher Enhancements

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4. New Salesforce mobile app automatic upgrade

We all know very well, in Spring ’20, all active Salesforce mobile app users gets upgraded to the new Salesfroce mobile app. Run your business anytime anywhere. Easily access all necessary information you use the most

new Salesforce mobile app automatic upgrade

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