Salesforce has excited to announce new feature in Dreamforce called Dynamic Forms. Dynamic Forms is the next step in the evaluation of Salesforce Lightning Record pages. With Dynamic Forms, you can migrate the fields and sections from your page layout as individual components into the Lightning App Builder. You can customize the Dynamic Forms or you can build it from scratch.


  • User friendly and easy to build
  • Drag and Drop
  • Instant upgrade from page layouts
  • Use visibility rules to show and hide fields and sections.
  • Manage the fields and sections on your pages in the Lightning App Builder without touching the page layout editor.
  • Reduce the number of page layouts you need with component visibility rules.
  • Take advantage of a single assignment model for the Lightning page instead of the dual model of assigning a Lightning page and a page layout.

New Salesforce Lightning Page Layouts with Dynamic Forms


Most probably Dynamic Forms will be released in Salesforce Winter ’21 which will be around October 2020. However, you can see the Salesforce official blog post.


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