Salesforce Implementation – Sales Cloud


Track and manage leads.
Several processes rely on manual data entry leading to data consistency. Manual data entry of new client details and their past and present record and also no visibility to other departments/ teams.
Need for a system to solve reporting issues.
External data systems need integration with Salesforce.


Implemented as central CRM system for sales staff. It also provides several capabilities that can put sales reps ahead of the pack. But implementing a CRM system always brings process and cultural changes to a sales team.
• Modified and customized standard objects such as Accounts/Companies, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities
• Modify Page Layouts so they make sense for your process. Page layouts organize the fields on the fields the way they are displayed when looking at a record.
• Created a Web 2 Lead form that is html code that needs to be embedded into your website’s contact form so when someone fills it out it will create a lead in Salesforce.
• Setup any Validation Rules required for your needs which is requirements for fields or permissions around certain conditions. For example if you want to require the Lost Reason field to be filled out if the Opportunity Stage was set to Closed Lost.
• Set up Security Access, Workflow Approval, Data Validation, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and support
• Created user profile, roles, security, permission set, Users, Page layout, Email Services, Approvals, workflows, Validation rules, Reports, Dashboards, Task and actions.
• Data exporting and importing using import wizard Apex Data loader
• Developed SFDC Customized report, Dashboards and processes to continuously monitor data quality and integrity
• Stay current with releases and corresponding documentation and provide new functionalities and solutions as needed.
• Configure Gmail Sync, it sync’s Gmail calendar, email, and contacts.
• Chatter setup
• integration – Update and view important customer information from Salesforce, including custom fields and contact history, while working on cases. Salesforce users can update and view detailed support information from while managing their leads and opportunities
• Manage ongoing support request and administrative needs of users
• Conducted training on all salesforce related systems to sales and support staff
• Created training materials based on business requirements
• Consult with Salesforce on projects, ideas, and process improvement planning

Outcome / Result
Company now has an efficient reporting system and can track sales with fewer errors. Each team member has insight into other teams’ activity, making tracking and reporting consistent across all lines of business.