You want to improve your implement in Salesforce. Salesforce Optimizer tool is best way to crate a report. Report gives advice and recommendations about how you can improve your org implementation. Salesforce Optimizer as part of your maintenance. You can run a report as many times as you want. It’s very easy to create a report with very easy steps.

How to create a Salesforce Optimizer Report

• From Setup
• Find Optimizer Quick Find box
• Select Optimizer
• Click Create PDF
Got It

Salesforce Optimizer Report

Salesforce generate a PDF report with advice and recommendations to improve your salesforce org. and it is automatically saved in Salesforce File and also you will receive an email.

Note: If you’re running Optimizer on a Lightning app, Optimizer only analyzes a subset of features. Your Lightning app Optimizer report won’t include all the features that are included in a full report

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