Here you can find what is salesforce admin and salesforce admin interview question.

Salesforce administrator is the one who works with all the users in the organization as well as internal and external stakeholder.

Set of the most often asked questions on the Salesforce admin. Before taking your first job, you must have knowledge about the platform, technical expertise, industry expertise, etc. If you are a fresher, then these questions are very useful when you go for an interview.

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Salesforce?
Salesforce is #1 Customer Relationship Management cloud solutions.It brings customers and companies together.

2. What is PaaS with examples?
PaaS (Platform as a service), it includes typically infrastructure, server, networking, database, web server, etc. Ex.Google apps,, Heoroku, etc..

3. What is SaaS with examples?
SaaS (Software as a Service), it typically includes software distribution model provided by third party. Ex. Google apps, Big commerce, Drobox, Mailchimp, Docusign, etc.

4. What is AppExchange?
AppExchange is a world’s leading Salesforce marketplace. There are lots of free and paid apps available. It is developed by you, partner and developer.

5. What is company information?
You can track important information about your company’s organization in Salesforce. Such as, organization details (company name, org id, organization edition, data and file space, address, etc.), user licenses, permission set licenses, featured licenses, etc.

6. What are users?
Users means your company employees, that you have granted licence to them and they have salesforce access.

7. What is a Role in Salesforce?
Role means who can see what. Also, you can control access to records.

8. What is a Profile in Salesforce?
Profiles help determine record privileges. Assuming the User can see the record, Profiles determine what the User can do, create, read, edit or delete on that record. Profiles control other system privileges as well (mass email, export data, etc.)

9. What is benefits of Salesforce?
There are lots of Salesforce benefits. Here are top benefits. See below.
1. It is the #1 CRM Cloud Solution
2. Most innovative company
3. Ease of use
4. Better reporting & Dashboards
5. Organizational capability
6. Integration options
7. AppExchange ecosystem
8. Continuous improvement
9. Trailhead – Fun way to learn salesforce (My favourite tool)
10. Releases
11. Trust – Real-time information on system performance and security
12. Data security
13. Lots of free events / Free learning opportunities
14. Last but not least- Ohana

15. How many releases does Salesforce have in a year?
Salesforce delivers three releases per year. Spring, Summer and Winter

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