Here you can find what is salesforce admin and salesforce admin interview question.


Salesforce administrator is the one who works with all the users in the organization as well as internal and external stakeholder.


Set of the most often asked questions on the Salesforce admin. Before taking your first job, you must have knowledge about the platform, technical expertise, industry expertise, etc. If you are a fresher, then these questions are very useful when you go for an interview.


Salesforce Admin Interview Questions and Answers Part 2


11. What is permission set?
A Permission sets is collection of settings and permission that give users access to various tools and functions without changing their profiles.


12. What is permission set groups (Beta)?
Permission set group to bundle permission sets together based on role. Users assigned the permission set group receive the combined permissions of all the permission sets in the group.


13. What is different between role and profile?
Role controls which records/objects a uses can see based on the job role and profile is what users can see and do with objects.


14. What is Public Groups?
Public group are just like anyone can see the group’s full information, such as, name, location, members list and post. Any user can join public group without invite or approval.


15. What are Queues?
Queues allows for organized and managed records in Cases, Lead and Custom objects


16. What is look up relationship?
Look up relationship is to find a value of a field based on the value from another object. Means, commonly shared data between two objects.


17. What is master detail relationship?
Master details relationship like parent and child relationship. Master represent child and child represent details. And when you delete Master object record, child record also gets deleted.


18. What is different between look up and master detail relationship?
Lookup Relationship is links two objects together. We can use lookup when objects are only related in some cases. Objects in lookup relationship usually work as standard alone objects. and Master-Detail Relationship is parent (Master) Child (Detail) relationship in which the master object controls certain behaviours of the detail object. This is tightly bounded.


19. What is roll up summary?
Roll up summary fields to calculate the value from related records based on your criteria.


20. How do you import contact and account into salesforce?
Import contact and Account via Data Import Wizard or Data loader.
More info – Import Wizard & Data loader

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