Salesforce Console is great feature of Lightning. It is tab-based workspace suited for fast pace work environments. The console is perfect for Sales and support staff to work done easily and quickly. Manage multiple records on a single screen and save lots of time. Sales reps have all the tools at their fingerprints to manage leads, close deal and manage relationships. Support agents can handle multiple cases at a same time in one window.

Few important benefits of Salesforce console

There are few important benefits of Salesforce Console.

  • Switching between two apps, to access data. For example if you want to view Opportunity related to an cases you have to navigate to another page.
  • Save lots of time of Sales reps and support agents.
  • Work with many records Simultaneously
  • View most recently used tab and bookmarks
  • Lightning components rearrangement and customization
  • User can use keyboard shortcut to make some actionsSalesforce Console in Lightning Experience Tab

Salesforce Console in Lightning Experience Tab

  1. App Launcher icon
    Left hand side 9 dots icons, you can find all the apps, standard and console apps. To switch to another console app or back to a standard app. Use the App Launcher.
  2. Navigation menu
    Navigation menu displays the navigation item you currently have selected, ex. Account, Contacts, Lead, Cases, etc. To open the navigation menu, click little down aero icon. From there, you can view or edit your navigation items. Selecting a navigation item opens the navigation item’s home page. Objects open in table view Table view icon. Opening a record changes the view to split view Split view icon. Once in split view, click the navigation item again to switch back to table view, or use the Display as dropdown. Records open in workspace tabs, and related records opened from inside a workspace tab open in subtabs
  3. Records open in workspace tabs, and related records opened from inside a workspace tab open in subtabs
    This is a great feature; user can manage their workspace here. User can refresh, pin, customize, and close a tab using the tab menu little down aero icon.
  4. Split view panel
    If you want to see your records in wide, then you can be hidden panel with Left arrow icon. Records opened from the split view panel open in new workspace tabs.
  5. Utility bar
    lets you access common processes and tools like History, and Notes.

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