You can send mass email directly form Lead, Contacts and Person Accounts List view in Salesforce Lightning. You can use the email template with images, merge fields and attachments to send out mass emails. Salesforce has renamed “Mass emails” to “List Emails”. List email can be sent from any list view that you have created on the Lead and contacts.


Let’s we send email from My Contact List view. First select My Contacts list view. You can see right top side drop-down arrow, by clicking you can see “Send List Email

Send List Email in Salesforce Lightning Experience

You can choose your template, or you can create a new template from scratch to adding a merge field.

After you have created your template or selecting premade email template, Click Review button to see, how look like your email when you send out to your contacts.

Final step is Click Send

Send List Email in Salesforce Lightning


All done. Sent our List Emails with few clicks.


  • List emails can contain up to 32,000 characters.
  • You can manually select up to 200 contacts or leads from a contact or lead list view.
  • You can send up to the daily list email limit by entering the list view name in the Recipients field. Or, click Send List Email from a Contact list view, Lead list view, or Campaign record without selecting any individual records.
  • List emails count against an org’s daily list email send limit, which is typically 5,000 emails per day. This limit doesn’t include individual emails you send.


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