Salesforce provide a great feature share report and dashboard folders in Lightning Experience. This enhance folder sharing to share with users, groups, roles, or territories. Enhanced folder sharing is the default option for all orgs created after 2013. It’s available in all editions.

User permission is necessary to share report folders and share Dashboard folders. When you go to the permission set, you can find “Manage Reports in Public Folders” and “Manage Dashboards in Public Folders”.

You can share a report or dashboard folder with up to 25 users, groups, roles, or territories from the UI. To share a folder with up to 500 users, groups, roles, or territories, use the folder sharing REST API.


Let’s we take an example to share a Report folder.

Go to the Report tab -> Find the report folder you want share, Click the little Aero icon -> Select Share. Follow the screenshot below.

Share a Report or Dashboard Folder in Lightning Experience

From the Share With dropdown, select who you want to share with For Name, enter the name you want to match. The name must match the category (such as user, group, or role)

Share a Report or Dashboard Folder

Click Share -> For Select the folder access level for the user, role, group, or territory, Here I choose View -> Click Done. Follow the screenshots below.

Share a Report or Dashboard Folder Access

Use the same method for share Dashboard. But Choose Dashboard tab.

Try to create a Report or Dashboard today and share with your team. You can save lots of time.

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