The new Summer’20 release is just around the corner, and that means we have access to the new pre-release orgs. Now it is live. It’s time to find ‘Treasure Hunt’, where Trailblazers search for new features to test out for ourselves.

Anyone who posts about the treasure they discover will be awarded a special Treasure Hunter badge! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Summer20Treasure!

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Summer 20 Logo              Gems Discovered Already

                      Some examples of treasures that have already been discovered are:








Record Page Settings – Dynamic Forms

Break up your record details into individual field and section components that you can put anywhere on the page.

Record Page Settings - Dynamic Forms


In-App Guidance Walkthrough

Add learning prompts in your app to get your users’ attention. Onboard and train users, highlight configuration changes and news, introduce new features, and more. You get to write the content, pick the target audience, and specify where it appears and for how long. If you’ve installed packages that include in-app guidance, they’re listed as well.

If you need help deciding which type to choose, check out the info bubbles. You can’t change the type after saving.

In-App Guidance Walkthrough

Salesforce Next

Use Salesforce Next to boost productivity, collaborate, and close deals as a team. Users can chat using the embedded Next chat in Lightning Experience or the new mobile app.

Salesforce Next

New Lightning Page – Embedded Service Page

Build an embedded page in Lightning.

New Lightning Page - Embedded Service Page

Release Updates (Beta)

Review and activate release updates to improve org performance, security, business logic, and usability.

Release Updates (Beta)

Salesforce Optimizer App

Analyze your implementation to find ways to simplify customizations and drive feature adoption. Consider running Salesforce Optimizer as part of your monthly maintenance

Salesforce Optimizer App Salesforce Optimizer Console App

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Let us know what you find that you like and why! Make sure you’re in Lightning Experience when you start exploring. Enjoy Summer ’20 release.

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