We all know very well Salesforce spring 20 release is coming soon. I have highlighted the most exciting, interesting, and useful Lightning Experience features. Here is my take on the coolest Lightning features from Spring’20 release.

1. Combine Duplicate Cases with Case Merge

Case merge is available now. Agents can merge duplicate cases like they merge duplicate contacts and accounts with Case Merge. Support agent can merge up to three duplicate cases and they can cut through the clutter and focus in what’s important to customers.

Combine Duplicate Cases with Case Merge

How to enable ?
Navigate to Setup (Gear Icon) | Setup | Feature Settings | Service | Case Merge and then select Case Merge checkbox and specify what happens to duplicate cases after your agents merge them

2. Assign Tasks to a Queue

After long wait, Task to a Queue is available now. Sales reps can share their workload by setting up queues for tasks. Reps can assign tasks to their shared queues, and then individuals can take ownership of those tasks from the queue’s list view.

Assign Tasks to a Queue
3. Attach Formatted Spreadsheets to Report Subscriptions (Beta)

When user subscribe the report, now option is available. Attach results as formatted spreadsheet file to the subscriptions email. The email includes high level details, such as name, time run and link back to the full report in Salesforce. It does not include row-level record details, which are included in the spreadsheet instead.

Attach Formatted Spreadsheets to Report Subscriptions (Beta)

4. Schedule and Manage Scheduled Emails in Lightning Experience

Sales reps can specify email arrival times to increase the chances of an email being read. They can schedule an email to arrive at the start of a contact’s workday, for example. The new Scheduled Emails component lets reps update content of a scheduled email and change its scheduled date and time.

Schedule and Manage Scheduled Emails in Lightning Experience

5. Opportunity Contact Role in Processes

After long wait, now Opportunity Contact Role is available in Process Builder.

5.	Opportunity Contact Role in Processes


Download Salesforce Spring 20 Release Notes
Web : https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/spring20/release-notes/salesforce_release_notes.htm
Download PDF : https://resources.docs.salesforce.com/224/latest/en-us/sfdc/pdf/salesforce_spring20_release_notes.pdf

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