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This update relates to the Turn On Lightning Experience critical update that was first announced in Spring ‘19.

Lightning Experience accelerates business growth by driving new levels of efficiency and productivity. On January 7, 2020, on a rolling basis, Salesforce will activate the “Turn on Lightning Experience” critical update for all orgs where the new interface isn’t already enabled. All orgs will be updated within 72 hours. Orgs that have Lightning Experience-supported editions are affected.

Users will still have access to Salesforce Classic when Lightning Experience is turned on. But Lightning Experience is where you want to be! It’s where all new Salesforce innovation happens, with reimagined classic functionality and features that are exclusive to Lightning Experience (including Path, Kanban, and Lightning console). Moving to Lightning Experience benefits everyone, from business leaders and users to admins and IT teams. The new user interface improves user efficiency and productivity. And you get the power of the Lightning Platform at your fingertips, making it easy and flexible to align the UI with your processes, keep up with changes in your business, and improve your company’s bottom line.

Independent studies on Lightning Experience for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud have shown that customers can see a return on investment with increases in value and impact across these categories: in strategic areas such as revenue per rep, cost savings for the organization and increased customer satisfaction; in operational areas such as improved win rates, reduced support handling time; and in overall Salesforce adoption by end users, which reduces overhead and support needs.

What’s the impact to users when the Turn On Lightning Experience critical update is activated?

Users with standard profiles, and users with custom profiles that have the Lightning Experience User permission enabled, will see the Switch to Lightning Experience link in Salesforce Classic. And once a week, Lightning Experience-enabled users who are working in Salesforce Classic will be automatically logged into Lightning Experience. These users can switch back to Salesforce Classic as needed.

We encourage admins to self-enable Lightning Experience before January so users can start benefiting as soon as possible. We provide a number of tools that automate and speed up the transition process, including the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant. You can also visit the Lightning Now Trailblazer Group to get answers from Lightning Experience experts.

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