Salesforce provides four automation tool to automate your organization business processes fast. Approval Process, Process builder, Workflow and Flow. But, as a admin, if some give me a task to business process, how do we choose which automation tool do I choose for this task. In this article, I am going to explain introduction about all four automation tools and which automation tool do I use? When and Where?

Which Automation Tool Should I Use?


1-      Approval Processes

Approval processes automatically route a record to the right Salesforce users, who then approve, reject, or reassign it. Based on how users respond to the record at different steps throughout and at the end of the process, Salesforce performs automated actions.

2-      Process Builder

Process builder is great tool of Salesforce. Click not code. Very easy to set up business process via process builder. When create a record or update a record meets your specified criteria and set up multiple rule in a single process. The process performs and fire the actions you configured. And also, Process builder is visual, when you work on it, you can see it visually.

3-      Workflow

Workflow rules operate as individual if/then processes that can automate a subset of the actions available in Process Builder.

4-      Flow

Flow is great automation tool. It is visual. When you work on it, you can see it visually. When you have more complex logic, then you have to go with flow. Use it to automate processes that you can’t with other three tools.

Automation Tool Feature & Action Comparison

Salesforce Automation Tool Features

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I have introduced all four Salesforce automation tools. Try to create a business process in oyur org and see how your sales rep can save their time and work done quickly.

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